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Learn about the staff that will handle your care.

caregiver and senior man are smilingTo reach our goal of providing the best hospice care to our clients, we have hired a team of professionals that share the same drive and passion as we do. Our staff is made up of the following personnel:

  • Attending Physician

    As a key member of our team, the attending physician will be the patient’s doctor and are responsible for things such as overseeing and approving the client’s care plan.

  • Hospice Medical Director

    Together with the patient’s attending physician, they will oversee and approve the development of the client’s care plan.

  • Registered Nurse

    Our hospice RN serves to comfort and relieve the patients of their pain that comes with their symptoms. They also make recommendations to the attending physician about the patient’s pain and symptom management plan.

  • Hospice Aide and Homemaker

    Our hospice aides and homemakers are responsible for the patient’s overall personal care. They will make sure that the patient and their families are fully comfortable while independent.

  • Social Worker

    Responsible for the overall support of the patient and their families, social workers can help our patient’s with financial planning while providing emotional support.

  • Hospice Chaplains

    Our hospice chaplains will help the patient and their families by providing spiritual and religious support.

  • Volunteers

    Filling a special role, hospice volunteers provide the patient and their family with companionship, respite, and help in many different ways.

  • Dietitian

    If needed, our dietitian will assist the patients with their nutritional status whenever it is possible.

  • Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapist

    Each of our therapists will be there to assist our patients with improving their quality of life through the different therapies they offer.

We would be more than happy to hear from you. If you have any questions, please contact us to learn more.

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